GITC Gets Treatment Center Commitment

On Thursday, August 23, 2018, members of GITC got in the car and attended our first treatment center commitment at the Texas Health Recovery & Wellness Center (Adolescent), 240 N Miller Rd. Mansfield TX 76063.

The center was in its very first week of operation and they had only one resident.  Members shared their experience, strength and hope with the resident, and he shared his experience and what brought him there.

We read from the book, Alcoholics Anonymous, talked about what the solution looked like and where it could be found, and left feeling very grateful for the experience.

We look forward to continuing our commitment to serving outside the group and helping to carry the message to the still suffering alcoholic.  We were certainly blessed by it and know that it helped each member stay sober for one more day.  It is our hope and prayer that we planted a seed for that resident that will help him on his journey of recovery.

God Is Good All The Time!