Service Committments

This page will keep members up to date on group service and member outgoing speaking commitments.

Our Members Commitment to Service

All new members will be asked to serve on a group service committee; or they may make themselves available to stand for an elected position (if one is open and they meet the requirements of the position) upon joining the group.  We have vast amounts of experience to prove that “When We Got Busy – We Got Better!”

(Members participate as often as they are available in these group commitments)


Sober Living:


CPC/PI:  View Calendar (Members Only)  Sign Up for CPC/PI commitments – Click here

Member Speaking Commitments:  View Calendar (Members Only)

Group Trusted Servants

  FILLED     Group Chair
  FILLED    Secretary
  FILLED     Treasurer
  FILLED     Central Office Rep
  FILLED     Treatment Chair (+Committee    OPEN    )
   OPEN       Corrections Chair (+Committee    OPEN    )
  FILLED     CPC/PI Chair (+Committee    OPEN    )
  FILLED     Dictionary Steward
  FILLED     Hospitality Chair (+Committee    OPEN    )

All group service commitments are 1 year positions (except GSR & Alt. GSR which are 2 year positions) and run January 1st – December 31st annually).

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The positions above that note “+Committee” are those positions that have a committee to help them do their work.  The Chairs of those committees will be leading the charge for that service commitment and need strong teams to assist them!

Election Schedule:
Elections for all group trusted servant positions will be held at the October business meeting annually (except GSR and Alt. GSR, which will be held on the EVEN numbered years to match the NETA65 panel rotation schedule).